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2008-03-16 21:55:43 by As-Soul

all poop is gay.


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2008-03-16 22:11:48

listen little boy. you don't go and insult my art like that. I work damn hard on my stuff. you don't know what my art means to me. what have you ever done to prove yourself? aw, you got your pretty little suburban home? a morsle of creativity? good for fucking you, you snobbish ass.

As-Soul responds:

can i hear you whine some more, jesus H!and dont make assumptions about me, MY FUCKING SUBURBAN HOME IS HUGE, AND I HAVE MORE THAN A MORSLE OF CREATIVITY, I HAVE A SMIDGEN!


2008-03-16 22:18:10

lol. really??


2008-03-17 15:03:00

WHy did you let the mass suicide collab die?

As-Soul responds:

hey man im trying to revive it, but ppl suckass!